The 15 best restaurants in Düsseldorf

…and 45 excellent alternatives for foodies and gourmets!

Top Restaurants in Düsseldorf | Magazin | Mr. Düsseldorf | Foto: The Paradise Now / Robert Rieger

Simply good food in Düsseldorf: We have collected our favourite restaurant hot spots in the city for you. From steak to Michelin star cuisine, from brasseries to breweries. A culinary overview of Düsseldorfs top addresses: the most trendy restaurants, charming bistros, authentic Japanese sushi restaurants and the best pizza & pasta places. Here are our top 15 restaurants in Düsseldorf – and 45 alternatives where you should have eaten.

Last Update: March 2022.


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Brasserie Hülsmann

Down-to-earth brasserie cuisine of the highest standard in an informal, lively atmosphere: Jenny Hülsmann and her team simply convince all along the line every time with their tightly described menu full of favourite French dishes. All absolutely to the point. This is where all of Düsseldorf meets for oysters and entrecote.

Brasserie Hülsmann | Belsenstraße 1 | 40545 Düsseldorf

Brasserie Hülsmann | Top Restaurants in Düsseldorf | Magazin | Mr. Düsseldorf | Foto: Mr. Düsseldorf

Other top addresses for French restaurants in Düsseldorf: At Robert. you get authentic French food with the most beautiful view right on the Rhine. One of our favourite French restaurants, Chez Claude serves refined dishes with a wide culinary horizon. Excellent French cuisine, fine wines and a lot of flair can also be found at Bistro Fatal in Düsseldorf-Flingern.

Robert. | Rathausufer 10 | 40213 Düsseldorf
Chez Claude | Wiesenstraße 32 | 40549 Düsseldorf
Bistro Fatal  | Hermannstraße 29 | 40233 Düsseldorf


noa Foodbar

The noa Foodbar’s regularly changing menus combine both oriental and Asian components and, together with regional, often home-grown ingredients, produce exciting dishes that are also pleasing to the eye. Very good choice for vegetarians!

noa Foodbar | Martinstraße 11 | 40223 Düsseldorf

noa Foodbar | Top Restaurants in Düsseldorf | Magazin | Mr. Düsseldorf | Foto: Mr. Düsseldorf

Other recommended bistros in Düsseldorf: Em Brass combines refined cuisine and a relaxed setting. Bar Olio is one of the most casual scene restaurants in Düsseldorf with excellent modern crossover cuisine, selected wines and a uniquely friendly atmosphere. Market-fresh bistro cuisine at its best can be found a stone’s throw away from Carlsplatz: at Münstermann’s Kontor.

Em Brass | Moltkestraße 122 | 40479 Düsseldorf
Bar Olio | Schirmerstraße 54 | 40211 Düsseldorf
Münstermann Kontor | Hohe Str. 11 | 40213 Düsseldorf


The Paradise Now

The Paradise Now is a stylish place of longing for lovers of exotic drinks and mediterranean food & a restaurant, bar, club and bistro all in one. The relaxed, elegant interior with wall carvings reminiscent of Matisse, illuminated arches and long stone benches is particularly noteworthy. Currently the hippest address in town.

The Paradise Now | Hammer Str. 27 | 40219 Düsseldorf

The Paradise Now | Top Restaurants in Düsseldorf | Magazin | Mr. Düsseldorf | Foto: Mr. Düsseldorf

We also love these trendy restaurants in Düsseldorf: See and be seen and enjoy high-end Italian dining at Riva Hafen. Under imposing chandeliers, Laki’s offers first-class Mediterranean dining and celebrations. On the menu of the 20° Restobar tapas and other dishes invite you to a little taste of Spain.

Riva | Zollhof 11 | 40221 Düsseldorf
Laki’s | Breite Str. 28 | 40213 Düsseldorf
20° Restobar | Mutter-Ey-Platz 3 | 40213 Düsseldorf


Prinzinger by Saittavini

A triad of bistro, restaurant and bar: the chic Prinzinger by Saittavini in Oberkassel serves upscale Italian cuisine in an impressive ambience. Depending on the season, you can treat yourself to anything from Alba truffles to sole. The wine selection is also impressive. If you’re lucky, owner and sommelier Davide Saitta will even advise you personally.

Prinzinger Leostraße 1a 40545 Düsseldorf

Prinzinger | Top Restaurants in Düsseldorf | Magazin | Mr. Düsseldorf | Foto: Prinzinger

Other top addresses for Italian eateries in Düsseldorf: One of the best addresses for culinary enjoyment is Primitivo in Düsseldorf-Pempelfort. Amici stands for top-quality ingredients and traditional old-school cucina italiana. At Trattoria San Leo in the old town, everything is authentic: the excellent Italian food and the corresponding service.

Primitivo | Mauerstraße 7 | 40477 Düsseldorf
Amici | Löricker Str. 1 | 40547 Düsseldorf
San Leo | Wallstraße 31 | 40213 Düsseldorf



nineofive serves original Neapolitan pizza with a lot of creative flair. The dough rests for 72 hours, comes out of the charcoal oven hot and juicy and is topped with sustainable ingredients. Whether avocado basil guacamole, sweet crisps or tuna sashimi, baby spinach and ginger sesame – the toppings couldn’t be more creative.

nineofive | Ackerstraße 181 | 40233 Düsseldorf

nineofive | Top Restaurants in Düsseldorf | Magazin | Mr. Düsseldorf | Foto: nineofive

Best of pizza and pasta in Düsseldorf: At Piazza Saitta you can dine Italian in a stylish ambience, in summer also outside on the picturesque Barbarossaplatz. Fresh ingredients with an unusual twist are lovingly served at Casa Luigi. The Neapolitan pizza at Aurora & Vito’s is wonderfully fluffy and topped with high-quality ingredients.

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Piazza Saitta | Barbarossaplatz 3 | 40545 Düsseldorf
Casa Luigi | Hohe Str. 33 | 40213 Düsseldorf
Aurora & Vito’s | Sommersstraße 19 | 40476 Düsseldorf



Probably one of the best sushi restaurants in Düsseldorf: Chef Yoshizumi Nagaya learned his trade from famous masters and was the first Japanese chef in Germany to be awarded a Michelin star. He prepares sushi, sashimi, tempura & co. in a quality and variety that can hardly be surpassed, attracting gourmets from all over the world.

Nagaya | Klosterstr. 42 | 40211 Düsseldorf

Nagaya | Top Restaurants in Düsseldorf | Magazin | Mr. Düsseldorf | Foto: Anna Bobrova

Other top addresses for Japanese cuisine in Düsseldorf: Düsseldorfs institution Takumi is almost synonymous with ramen and has several soup spots in the city. We recommend the original, Takumi 1st. At Yabase you can enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine. Creative sushi with a breathtaking view over Düsseldorf can be found at Qomo in the Rheinturm.

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Takumi 1st | Immermannstr. 28 | 40211 Düsseldorf
Yabase | Klosterstraße 70 | 40211 Düsseldorf
Qomo | Stromstraße 20 | 40221 Düsseldorf


Hashi, Mahlzeit

This charming little restaurant serves surprisingly modern Chinese cuisine with authentic flavours – and beyond all clichés. The cooking here is French-influenced and every dish is a little taste explosion. Over 100 selected wines make an evening at Hashi, Mahlzeit perfect.

Hashi, Mahlzeit | Ackerstraße 182 | 40235 Düsseldorf

Hashi, Mahlzeit | Top Restaurants in Düsseldorf | Magazin | Mr. Düsseldorf | Foto: Björn aka. BJR Le Bouquet

Our top recommendations for Asian restaurants in Düsseldorf: If you want to get a taste of modern Chinese cuisine in a cozy atmosphere, you should visit Fu by Master Wang. The Vietnamese national dish Pho is best sipped at Phox. Dim Sum Gourmet offers not only world-class dim sums of all kinds, but also excellent Peking duck.

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Fu by Meister Wang | Pionierstraße 24 | 40215 Düsseldorf
Phox | Stresemannstraße 32 | 40210 Düsseldorf
Dim Sum Gourmet | Brunnenstraße 13 | 40223 Düsseldorf



Staudi’s stands for modern German cuisine in one of the most charming settings: In a former butcher’s shop with antique tiled floors and pretty décor, you can try especially modern reinterpretations of hearty German specialities such as kale, Reibekuchen or Schnitzel. German cuisine with a twist!

Staudis | Münsterstraße 115 | 40476 Düsseldorf

Staudi's | Top Restaurants in Düsseldorf | Magazin | Mr. Düsseldorf | Foto: Staudi's

Other recommendations for hearty cuisine in Düsseldorf: Rubens serves Austrian dishes in an elegant setting. The menu at Stappen in Oberkassel features hearty top cuisine with a refined twist. Typical Düsseldorf: knuckle of pork or Sauerbraten and a few glasses of Alt beer in one of the rustic breweries – for example at Uerige in the old town.

Rubens | Kaiserstraße 5 | 40479 Düsseldorf
Stappen | Luegallee 50 | 40545 Düsseldorf
Uerige | Berger Straße 1 | 40213 Düsseldorf


The Grill Upper Kö

In the heart of Düsseldorf, you can enjoy a sensational view over the Kö at The Grill steakhouse. On the menu: many exclusive meats and cuts as well as sensational side dishes – such as a fantastic tomahawk from Australia with truffled mashed potatoes and fresh spinach. The ambience is also great, with regular live music from the DJ.

Mr. Düsseldorf cardholders receive a 20% discount on wines.

 The Grill Upper Kö | Königsallee 30 | 40212 Düsseldorf

The Grill | Top Restaurants in Düsseldorf | Magazin | Mr. Düsseldorf | Foto: Mr. Düsseldorf

Other top steak restaurants in Düsseldorf: The steak at the small, hearty Marli is from Nebraska and is definitely a highlight. At Abacco’s Steakhouse, the signature cuts are served on a special stone board that allows you to prepare tranche after tranche individually at the table. Thanks to its outstanding selection, quality and ambience, The Lox is also one of the best steak locations in the city.

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Marli | Kaiserswerther Str. 253 | 40474 Düsseldorf
Abacco’s Steakhouse | Hüttenstraße 4 | 40215 Düsseldorf
The Lox | Theo-Champion-Str. 2 | 40549 Düsseldorf


Café de Bretagne

A visit to Café de Bretagne is like a short holiday on the French coast. Whether lobsters, oysters or shrimps and co – the selection of fresh seafood is large and the fish dishes are excellent. Inside, at the wooden tables you feel like you’re in a Parisian bistro, outside on the terrace you can watch the hustle and bustle on the famous weekly market Carlsplatz.

Mr. Düsseldorf cardholders receive a dessert or digestif for free.

Café de Bretagne | Benrather Str. 7 | 40213 Düsseldorf

Café de Bretagne | Top Restaurants in Düsseldorf | Magazin | Mr. Düsseldorf | Foto: Mr. Düsseldorf

You can also get excellent seafood here in Düsseldorf: the Meerbar in the Gehry buildings ensures an unforgettable evening with its cosmopolitan ambience. La Bouillabaisse in the old town specialises in French fish dishes. We also love to enjoy fresh fish in the finest bistro quality at the Chez Lio in Oberkassel.

La Bouillabaisse | Neustraße 31 | 40213 Düsseldorf
Meerbar | Neuer Zollhof 1 | 40221 Düsseldorf
Chez Lio | Barbarossaplatz | 40545 Düsseldorf


Brasserie Stadthaus

Under Düsseldorf’s most beautiful coffered ceiling, chef Florian Conzen serves French cuisine at its finest. From escargots and foie gras to oysters, steak frites and game from the region to fondant au chocolat, no gourmet dream remains undreamed of. The Brasserie Stadthaus is definitely one of our favourite restaurants in Düsseldorf.

Mr. Düsseldorf cardholders receive a 10% discount on the entire bill.

Brasserie Stadthaus | Mühlenstraße 31 | 40213 Düsseldorf

Brasserie Stadthaus | Top Restaurants in Düsseldorf | Magazin | Mr. Düsseldorf | Foto: Brasserie Stadthaus

Best of fine dining in Düsseldorf: In the legendary building Dreischeibenhaus, Phoenix combines clean design with international cuisine at the highest level. No less spectacular: Lido in the famous former artists’ meeting place Malkasten. French cuisine with a beautiful view over Düsseldorf awaits you at The Paris Club in the 25hours hotel.

Phoenix | Dreischeibenhaus 1 | 40211 Düsseldorf
Lido Malkasten | Jacobistraße 6 | 40211 Düsseldorf
The Paris Club | Louis-Pasteur-Platz 1 | 40211 Düsseldorf


Berens am Kai

Holger Berens prepares fine French and Mediterranean menu creations in his light-flooded restaurant at the harbour. He focuses on modern European cuisine that is intense and rich in flavour and has been awarded a Michelin star. The selection of corresponding wines is also impressive.

Berens am Kai | Kaistraße 16 | 40221 Düsseldorf

Berens am Kai | Top Restaurants in Düsseldorf | Magazin | Mr. Düsseldorf | Foto: Berens am Kai

Other Michelin star restaurants and top cuisine in Düsseldorf: A star restaurant in a supermarket? There is such a thing in Düsseldorf. Zurheide is home of the Setzkasten with menus and creations that tickle the palate. Le Flair meets the highest culinary demands – with refined menus at the highest level. The starred restaurant Agata’s stands for international gourmet cuisine with a creative touch.

Setzkasten | Berliner Allee 52 | 40212 Düsseldorf
Le Flair | Marc-Chagall-Straße 108 | 40477 Düsseldorf
Agata’s | Kirchfeldstraße 59 | 40217 Düsseldorf



Michelangelo Saitta’s noble corner enoteca in Oberkassel not only impresses with its ambience (you sit between imposing wine racks), but also with its consistently very good quality and exquisite wine selection, which enjoys a large regular clientele. I would describe the wine list as ambitiously calculated, the selection and depth of vintages is enormous. The wine shop also sells treasures to take home.

Saittavini | Luegallee 79 | 40545 Düsseldorf

Saittavini | Top Restaurants in Düsseldorf | Magazin | Mr. Düsseldorf | Foto: Mr. Düsseldorf

Other top addresses for restaurants with excellent wines in Düsseldorf: Wine freaks and friends of upscale bistro cuisine will be happy at Rocaille. Especially rare German Rieslings but also natural wines are among the specialities of the house. Parlin serves a mix of French and German cuisine paired with great wines under one of the most beautiful stucco ceilings in the city. In the still new Rheinton 2.0, around 750 wine positions and creative, upscale cuisine await you.

This way to the top 10 wine bars in Düsseldorf

Rocaille | Weissenburgstr. 19 | 40476 Düsseldorf
Parlin | Altestadt 12 | 40213 Düsseldorf
Rheinton 2.0 | Rethelstraße 143 | 40237 Düsseldorf



Our favourite Greek restaurant for all occasions: Askitis impresses anew with authentic Mediterranean-Greek cuisine at the highest level in a very special ambience every time you visit. Fish, lamb and Greek classics are served in the cosy vault with modern young art or in the covered winter garden.

Askitis | Herderstraße 73 | 40237 Düsseldorf

Askitis | Top Restaurants in Düsseldorf | Magazin | Mr. Düsseldorf | Foto: Askitis

Other tips for Greek cuisine in Düsseldorf: The Greek dishes at the casually cool Estia are innovative and delicious. Taverna Eleon serves its guests authentic and modern Greek cuisine. At the trendy Greek Kytaro, isn’t not only freshness and quality that count, but also seeing and being seen.

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Estia | Heerdter Landstraße 245 | 40549 Düsseldorf
Taverna Eleon | Kaiserswerther Str 17 | 40477 Düsseldorf
Kytaro | Grafenberger Allee 119 | 40237 Düsseldorf


Haus Stemberg

The familiar atmosphere, the fair calculation, the fine wine selection and the sensational cuisine (1 Michelin star) make Haus Stemberg something special. A fantastic, down-to-earth country house cuisine with top products as well as a gourmet cuisine with the best delicacies have been combined here by father and son in one concept.

Mr. Düsseldorf cardholders receive an intermediate course for free.

Haus Stemberg | Kuhlendahler Str. 295 | 42553 Velbert

Haus Stemberg | Top Restaurants in Düsseldorf | Magazin | Mr. Düsseldorf | Foto: Mr. Düsseldorf

Other top restaurants in the countryside: With its fine country house cuisine, Reinhardt’s at Gut Moschenhof perfects the balancing act between tradition and modernity. Located directly on the Rhine in Meerbusch, Landhaus Mönchenwerth is one of the finer gastronomic addresses in the countryside. The stylish country inn Gut Knittkuhle serves hearty, partly upscale cuisine with a Mediterranean touch.

Reinhardt’s auf Gut Moschenhof | Am Gartenkamp 20 | 40629 Düsseldorf
Landhaus Mönchenwerth | Niederlöricker Str. 56 | 40667 Meerbusch
Gut Knittkuhle | Knittkuhler Str. 20 | 40629 Düsseldorf

Last update: March 2022. This toplist was created in cooperation with Karolina Landowski. This way to all Düsseldorf toplists.

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